Rough instruction to register e-typing and to play english version

For Japanese

Typing Esports Network で e-typing が流行りだしたので、海外の方向けに登録方法と参加方法を書いてみます。 Typing Esports Network については id:paraphrohn さんが詳しい記事を書いてくれたのでそちらにお任せします。

discord の参加はこちらから。

Instruction for register

For trial, you don't need to be registered. If you want to use Karte (Stats, only you can see), you need to be registered. If you don't, please see the next section.

  1. Access to e-typing english version

  1. Press register button (move to register instruction page)


  1. Press register button again (move to register page)


  1. Fill out the requirements, and press register button

"Your goal" means "What do you want to do with your typing skill?" (merely it will be displayed in your Karte afaik).


  1. You got registered and logged in

confirmation mail will be sent to your address. (but no confirmation needed) f:id:permil:20190223204024p:plain

Instruction for game play

To the game window

The page's appearance is slightly different whether you're registered or not.

if not registered

You just need to access here, and press start trial button. f:id:permil:20190223204359p:plain

if registered

  1. Login, if not logged-in yet f:id:permil:20190223204843p:plain

  2. and open game window, or move to other pages f:id:permil:20190223205625p:plain

In game window

  1. Press start button f:id:permil:20190223210425p:plain

  2. Press spacebar to start f:id:permil:20190223210606p:plain

  3. Type f:id:permil:20190223210850p:plain

  4. Result f:id:permil:20190223213050p:plain

  5. After save your score

You can also sent it to global ranking. f:id:permil:20190223212313p:plain

Instruction for unregister

  1. Go to setting page

  2. Scroll down, and fill out mail address and password, and press unregsiter button f:id:permil:20190223220532p:plain

Rules and Privacy policy (just in case, not translated)